Fantastic beasts and how to make them
(Final English project by 4g2)

Beitrag von MMag. Katrin Wolfram:

In the last week of school, we started an English project with Tracy Dolezal, a native speaker from England. The project was about creating an island and a beast, based on the film “Fantastic Beasts and how to find them” that we had watched in our English lessons before.

We had to think about how to make the island and beasts ourselves, which were created out of clay. We were able to combine our own creativity and fantasy to highlight the issues concerning biodiversity and our environment for us. For our project Tracy an Mrs. Wolfram brought many kinds of materials to use and embellish our islands and beasts.

Everyone had much fun during the process of visualising and creating their own ideas to come true, and of course we all had the chance to practise our English. We finally presented our islands, beasts and their superpowers in the schoolyard. What a great project and a wonderful opportunity to combine art, English and environmental studies!